Gokaraju Rangaraju college of pharmacy


The following departments are the academic fabric of GRCP. Each department has it's own unique importance and they have been growing from strength to strength over the years.

1. Pharmaceutics

The College started the PG (M. Pharmacy in the Department of Pharmaceutics) course in the year 2007. The Department of Pharmaceutics has adjudged by Osmania University as centre for research (Ph.D.) Research in the Pharmaceutics Department encompasses basic and applied investigations in (i) Preformulation, (ii) Formulation, (iii) Pharmaceutical biotechnology and drug delivery. In addition to teaching, all faculty members are involved in collaborative research projects with other scientists. The Dept. can take up more Industry sponsored projects, and collaborate more effectively to initiate and sustain contemporary and applicative research areas. This will be very pertinent in view of post-GATT scenario, when Pharma Industry would need to have such collaborations and Interactions for sharing the manpower and the Intellectual Property Rights with academic institutions. The Department of Pharmaceutics has already received the grants under MODROBS, IIPC, FDP and RPS schemes from All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE, New Delhi) as well as grants received from other organizations and Pharmaceutical Companies. The Department of Pharmaceutics has actively involved in the research activities as evidenced from 20 research publications in the last 3 years. The Department of Pharmaceutics has got all facilities. Experienced faculty (06 Ph D and 02 involved in the research activities), infrastructure, labs etc., The Department has supported the MOU with Dr. Reddy Labs and tie-up with Mylan Laboratories for conducting induction training programmes for their employees.

2. Pharmaceutical Chemistry & Analysis

The mission of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry is to serve the citizens of Andhra Pradesh, the India and the world through discovery, learning and engagement that integrates the basic chemical and biological sciences for the improvement of human health. With its culture of collaboration and focus on solutions, the pharmaceutical chemistry department is poised to help build a better future. Considered one of the best in the state, the department houses a critical mass of great minds not only leading faculty, but top-notch graduate students who come here to push the boundaries of knowledge. With Gokaraju institutes located within Hyderabad city, students and professors embark on unparalleled interdisciplinary collaborations with national laboratories such as IICT, CCMB, HU and Osmania University and private industries such as Dr. Reddy�s and Laila Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd. They are teaming up with international researchers to create a new class of anticancer, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agents having green chemistry synthetic route. Together, pharmaceutical chemistry students and faculty have the potential to make discoveries that could change the world as we know it.

The Department with an intake of 18 students has the state of art facilities to train the students and meet the demands of the pharmaceutical industries, in terms of analysis, quality control of materials (raw and finished), standards and compliance with regulatory bodies. The Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis have ability to provide an intensive training to students and mentor them to enhance their knowledge on analytical method development and validation for combination of new drug molecules with the support of analytical instruments. The Department is most expensive laboratories with conventional instruments like HPLC, Spectrofluorimeter, UV-Visible Spectrophotometer, Digital balance, Turbidimeter, Conductivity meter, pH meter and Dissolution apparatus for quantification of API and different pharmaceutical formulation. The Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis has adjudged by Osmania University as centre for research (Ph.D.). The Department has actively involved in the research activities as evidenced from 30 research publications in the last 3 years. The Department has supported the MOU with Dr. Reddy Labs and tie-up with Mylan Laboratories for conducting induction training programmes for their employees.


3. Department of Pharmacology

Pharmacology involves the discovery of new drugs, the investigation of how drugs work and the use of drugs to probe mechanisms of disease. We are one of the most distinguished Pharmacology departments in the city. Research interests in the Department include a few major areas: screening of anti-diabetics, antioxidants, anti obese, anti histaminics and neurological diseases, anti inflammatory, analgesic and finally in situ absorption studies. We engage in scientific discovery to elucidate biological mechanisms and develop novel therapeutics. We provide training focused on critical thinking to promote innovation, scholarship and integrity. To this end, we foster creativity, collegiality, and leadership.

4. Department of Pharmacognosy

The courses in the area of pharmacognosy include detail study of medicinal and aromatic plants. It covers study of plant morphology, histology, plant taxonomy, plant physiology, medicinal uses of the plants with formulation of their herbal dosage form and standardization. It also includes study of microbes (bacteria, fungi, virus and actinomyces) and diseases caused by microbes, genetic engineering, fermentation technology, immunization and blood products. This course of subjects makes the students to understand cultivation technology, chemistry and biogenesis of phytoconstituents, therapeutic utility of crude drugs and newer immunological and biotechnological concepts.




5. Department of Basic Science

The Department of basic sciences has been an integral part of the College, offering instruction in Mathematics, English and Computer sciences to B. Pharm. students and devoted to foster the understanding of basic scientific principles. The academic programs of this department are designed to meet the requirements of the fast growing technology.




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