Gokaraju Rangaraju college of pharmacy

Rules and Regulations

  1. The security was instructed to not to allow the late-comer students into the campus.  Similarly students were not allowed to go out without permission from the head of the institution.
  2. Ragging is prohibited under the Law of the Land.
  3. The bus timings are fixed.  Hence, students must stay back in the college until that time.
  4. The students will not be permitted to attend the classes (theory   or practical), if they are late to the scheduled time.
  5. Students should board the buses that were meant for them as per their timings. They should avoid using the buses meant for other students.
  6. Lunch should not be taken in the lecture halls.
  7. Don’t leave your belongings in the lecture hall and attend the practical class.  These should be carried along them.
  8. Don’t change the arrangement of desks and chairs in the lecture halls.
  9. Keep your clocks under lock and key.
  10. A proper dress code must be maintained that satisfy the university level education.  Wearing jeans, collarless banians and ‘T’ shirts must be avoided.  The dress should not give an     impression of casual wear.
  11. Using of cell phones by the students in the college campus is prohibited (Govt. of Andhra Pradesh).  Such instruments may be confiscated and also attract punishment.
  12. Unnecessary loitering in the corridors must be avoided.
  13. Sitting on the staircase steps must be avoided.
  14. Don’t scribble in the toilets and college walls with pencils or pens.  Don’t deface the college premises.
  15. Behave politely with the laboratory staff and office staff.
  16. If the attendance of 75% was not satisfied for any one particular subject, the student will not be permitted to write the internal examination for that subject.
  17. The university will not allow the students to write the university examinations, if they do not satisfy 75% attendance in theory and practicals separately.
  18. Motor Bikes are not permitted in the college campus. All the students must compulsorily reach the college by the college bus only.

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